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Why Choose Gold Eagle Services?

Why Choose Gold Eagle? We’re Your Austin HVAC Expert, Featuring:

Gold Eagle Truck

Skilled Technicians

Our superhero technicians possess not only the training and technical skills needed to solve your unique HVAC problem, but they are also FUN dudes who know how to explain your problem and exactly what they are doing to solve it. It’s important to us that we operate with transparency and integrity and that our customers know we will never “pad” their invoices.

24 Hour A Day, 7 Day a Week Service

AC systems tend to fail at the worst possible times (weekends, holidays, middle of the night…etc.). Gold Eagle Services understands that when you need service…YOU NEED IT NOW. We offer 24-7 emergency service that won’t drain your pocketbook. (And we promise NOT to come in our footy PJs…no matter what time you call us.)

A Friendly Team

When Gold Eagle Services™ comes to your property, you can be sure that you’ll be treated with the courtesy, professionalism, and respect you deserve, every time…If you want, we can even give you a pat on the back or a reassuring hug.

Reasonable Pricing

Gold Eagle Services™ is locally owned and operated, (Momma still packs our lunches!) without the high overhead and hype of larger corporations. We deliver our premium HVAC services without the inflated costs of other companies. Gold Eagle Services™ offers high-end services without the high-end price tag.

We Keep It Clean

Momma told us to pick up after ourselves and since we are scared to death of Momma, we always do exactly what she says. When we enter your castle, we promise not to kill your unicorns, throw trash in the moat, or leave muddy footprints in the Great Hall. Your sparkling abode will be as pristine when we exit as when we entered. Also, we try and keep our potty mouths in check because Momma still believes in washing them out with soap.

Brother and sister

Call us when:


A fan doesn’t turn on – No matter how nicely you speak to it, you just can’t get your fan to turn on. No worries…We can fix that.


Strange sounds come out when you turn on your system or during operation – When you switch on your AC do you hear noises that sound like a bunch of chattering squirrels on caffeine? Are there various squeals, squeaks, and rattles during operation that just doesn’t sound normal? We can fix that.


Your home is full of hot air – You turn on your AC, eagerly awaiting a life-enhancing stream of cool, clean, refreshing air. Instead, you get a nasty surprise as you are assaulted by a rush of ugly, stale, WARM air. We can fix that…


The fan works, but the compressor doesn’t kick in – Yes, that’s a real bummer for sure. But…We can fix that…


The furnace is “finished” – We aren’t just about AC, you know. Gold Eagle Services understands that even Austin has cold spells, black ice, and of course lots of special snowflakes. If your furnace isn’t working, don’t shiver your timbers. Call us:  We can fix that…


The pilot light is out  Don’t try and repair it yourself. Bad things could happen and you might get hurt. We can fix that…


Cold air is coming out of the heater  Now y’all KNOW that ain’t right. Don’t let the cockles of your heart get frozen by a faulty heater. We can fix that…


Your teenager won’t stop texting  Sorry, we CANNOT fix that. (Teen issues are our kryptonite.)

Happy Family

Other miscellaneous things we can fix:


  • Stale and stinky air (as long as it is generated by your HVAC system and not that nasty pair of boots in the hall)
  • Dirty, broken vents
  • HVAC water and air leaks
  • Broken thermostats


Disclaimer: The superheroes of Gold Eagle Services, while being authentically super-heroic, are not able to solve the following problems: athlete’s foot, fire ants, Spandex, tacky memes, bad grammar, Barbies flushed down toilets, parking tickets, male pattern baldness, losing your “stash,” noisy neighbors, bat infestations, and other situations not described herein or above-in.

Speed – Trust – Quality & Value

Smiling Kids

An answer to the most existential question and rewards for those who dare to read on…

We’ve said it before: air conditioning problems are a real pain, especially when you find yourself stuck in a blazing Texas heat inferno. Going without HVAC for even a few hours feels like an eternity and can lead to a variety of problems besides the obvious discomfort you are feeling. It’s just not an option. That’s why, if you’re like most people in Austin, you want an HVAC company who can fix your issue so fast that you barely have to break a sweat. Gold Eagles Services™ was built to provide Austin residents SPEED without excuses.


Still, we know speed alone isn’t enough when it comes to finding the right HVAC service provider. Homeowners and businesses in Austin also need the peace of mind that comes from being able to TRUST a company to keep its’ promises. Gold Eagle Services™ is committed to being Austin’s most trustworthy provider of HVAC services.


At Gold Eagle Services™, we loathe, despise and abhor mediocrity. “Good enough” is something you will never hear us say to any of our customers. Our promises are kept with the highest level of QUALITY. We don’t take shortcuts just to get the job done, and we always adhere to best practices.


Gold Eagle Services™ wants to WOW you to the point where you’d never recommend anyone else to your friends, neighbors, and family members in the Austin area. Gold Eagle Services holds VALUE as the primary driver making us different from other HVAC companies in Austin. We don’t just want your business one time…we want you as a customer for life.

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