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Top 3 Tips To Keep Your Home AC Unit In Good Shape

Cool Down Your Home with These Tips   Is your central air conditioning failing to battle the heat and keep you cool inside? If you turn down the thermostat to 75 degrees, is the air conditioner able to cool down to that temperature or does it work all day slowly getting there? We have three

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06-03 7 Expert Tips To Keep Your House Fresh While Saving Costs (2)
Expert Tips to Keep Your House Fresh While Saving Costs

Here’s How to Save Money While Staying Cool This Summer   When summer days get hotter, air conditioning can be so awesome! It feels so good to escape the heat and cool down in the comfort of your home. At least it feels good and cool until the first skyrocketing energy bill comes in. Then

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05-17 5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your HVAC System (1)
5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Here’s How to Help Your HVAC System Last Longer (Safely)…   Your home’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition) system runs ’round the clock, 24/7, all year long. You can’t expect it to last forever, but you can expect your furnace to last for about several years—depending on the model, you may get 15-20 years

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Experts Advice For Summer Indoor Temperature for Savings

What Temperature Should the A/C Be Set to in the Summer?   Everyone seems to have an opinion on how low the indoor temperature should be in the summer when running the air conditioning.   Many people just think 72 degrees because that’s standard room temperature, but others think it should be higher when it’s

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04-23 Our Tips To Keep Your Home Temperatures In Check (2)
Our Tips to Keep Your Home Temperatures in Check

Here’s the Truth About Uneven Temperatures in Your Home   Do you find yourself wearing a sweater in some rooms of your house but just a t-shirt in other rooms of your house?   Or maybe you walk from one room, through a central room, to another part of the house and find that one

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04-08 What To Do When Everyone Fights Over The Thermostat (1)
What to Do When Everyone Fights Over the Thermostat

What to Do When Everyone Fights Over the Thermostat   Do people in your home fight over the thermostat setting? In many homes, especially split-level homes, someone is too hot, someone is too cold and no one is happy.   Even in a home with adequate central air conditioning, mom or dad may find the

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03-25 Give Your HVAC A Breath Of Fresh Air
Give Your HVAC A Breathe Of Fresh Air

If You’re Doing Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget About THIS…   Spring is here, and that means spring cleaning for many people. You open the windows, air out the stale winter air, and do some vacuuming and dusting. Now, don’t forget about your HVAC system! When you’re spring cleaning the rest of your house, make sure

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Will You Be Cold Or Comfortable This Winter

  Fall is here…winter is coming…will you be warm and comfortable through it all?   A properly-running HVAC system can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort in your home. After all, you invested in a furnace or HVAC system. This article will help you maximize that investment. You can enjoy a warm, worry-free home […]

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HVAC Tips From The Pros To Keep Your Home “Just Right” This Fall

  Temperatures are bouncing around this month. Is your HVAC system struggling to boot back and forth from heat – to cool – to off? We have three tips to keep your system in it’s best condition this fall, because ultimately, it will make a different for your comfort AND your wallet. Keep reading to […]

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Average Temps Still High Enough…

  Summer days have spun softly to a close, with autumn at our doorstep. But the hot days still happen—and when they do, are you really sure your air conditioning is working optimally? It feels so good to escape the heat and cool down in the comfort of your home. At least, it feels good […]

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